A Collection Of What You've Lost

by Arrowhead

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"A Collection Of What You've Lost" is the long-awaited, debut LP from Arrowhead.


released September 4, 2015

Arrowhead is:
Tad Rios - Vocals
Matteo Triolo - Guitar, Vocals
Yusef Porcello - Guitar
Frankie Duffy - Bass
Dylan Sylvester - Drums, Percussion

Produced by Arrowhead and Jon Taft
Engineered and Mixed by Jon Taft at New Alliance Audio
Mastered by Nick Z at New Alliance East

Artwork by Margot Keil
Design/Layout by Dylan Sylvester

Piano on "Alone / Alive" written and performed by Sean McConnell



all rights reserved


Arrowhead Boston, Massachusetts

Ambient / Experimental Post-Hardcore from Boston, MA

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Track Name: Comatose
Let's play it back
This is day one
I am on the edge
Feeling brand new
Take it away
But don't take the height away
I wish I could say
I'd feel this way
And never
Will I say I took the light
I was given for granted
This is the door
To allow me to beg for more
Oh god I wish it made sense
Am I only biting my nails
Because I'm tired of digging
Through your head?
Trying to find stories I've already read?
The pages that stain my head red
And bleed through your ears
Like a migraine in the clear?
This is day one
A day spent in the sun
I wish I could say
I'd be hopeful forever
And never
Will I let go of light I was given
Am I only biting my nails
Because I want to bleed?
Believe in all the bullshit
Stories you feed me
Over and over and over
I'll give in
I'll stay shut
I'll give in
I'll let go
Comatose me
I'm all alone
Track Name: Mourning
They said this is one for the books
I'll never understand really what it took
And if I forget in time what this place looks like
Then I'll just spend my time sitting in a void
Trees lose their color, as I lose my faith
I've given up on everything
It's not that you're gone, it's that I'm here
I'm here
And you've returned to the earth
It's not that I'm here, it's that you're not
You said this place is a living nightmare
And it hurts to say, I couldn't help
It hurts to say you couldn't stay
I'm here
It's that you're not
Track Name: Stay
No, it's in my bones
Try to shake it,
But it won't leave me alone
It won't leave me alone
No, eyes start to roll
Try to grasp it
But it's out of my control
When the hands start to shake
And the breaths we begin to take
Become shorter and faster
I feel you so much closer
Stay where you are
You don't know where you belong
No, our bodies shift
Try to touch it
But I begin to sink
Into your skin some more
No, let me be you
Try to see what I
Have done without you
And our feet become so numb
To the taste of what's in the long run
Believe in the thought of this
Remember the taste
Of my name in your dry mouth
Say it
Say it again
In your dry mouth
Say it
Say it again
Tell me I'll win
Pressed against me
Don't leave
Pressed against me
Oh god, don't leave
Track Name: A Collection Of What You've Lost
What's a home without pictures?
I've returned to find an empty room
With no windows
Is this my first time?
Or is it all the time?
That I just die on the inside
When I step foot here
You disappear
I have lost my mind
For what seems like every time
I have lost the power in my sight
To realize I am not alone
But I'm not alive
It's a vicious cycle
It's a collection of what I've lost
But it's buried in you, too
And we seem to give up
Because this isn't it
And I'm done giving a shit
It's a vicious cycle
And I want to break it
I need to break it
Track Name: Alone / Alive
I am not alone
I am not alive
Track Name: Vitality
Hits hard,
In the matter of substance
I can't seem to stop going
Dropped dead center
Inside a ring of fire
I wish I could stop going
A simple face I could stop knowing
It's always new. It's always you
It's all between the lines
And I'm as blind as ever
And I'm stretched beyond
And I'm stressed beyond
Hits harder,
In the matter of substance
I can't seem to stop going
The ending provides the fear
Dive deeper to make me feel real
I'm afraid of it all
I'm afraid of the fall
I'm afraid I stood so tall
I'm afraid of the fall
Track Name: Leave
I came out the door
Not expecting you there
How could I do this
How could I lie to your face
I can't look at you
We've changed
I can't look at you
You said believe
I thought I heard the door
Now I think you meant leave
Suffocating, I can't breathe
Smile at me, tell me to leave
Your head in my hands
I deceived you so well
Cry some more
I'll let you beg
Suffocating, I can't breathe
Smile at me, tell me to leave
Track Name: Discomfort
Maroon covers
The empty spot
Where you used to be
And inside me
Is a rotting space
I could not replace
It's getting worse
I'll lock the door for the last time
I wish you stayed
I wish you stayed with me
I've watched us go
To create a void inside our heads
You don't need me tonight
You don't need me again
A kiss goodbye in the morning
I'll see you off to work
You'll remember my sleeping face
And my hurtful taste
You can't take it back this time
I've felt your hands at my chest
Painfully knocking, let me in
You don't need me tonight
No, you don't need me again
It's nothing new
I'm reaching out
For the hand to pull me back in
There's discomfort in comfort
And I don't know where to end
And where to begin
I'm so fucking lost
And now I'm begging for a sign
It's dead in your eyes